Weymouth is a very popular resort for school groups to visit.

The beach is safe with lifeguards patrols, lost children’s centre, beach control and CCTV. All of us who work on the beach are passionate about Weymouth, we extend a warm welcome and are happy to help and advise you in any way we can.

Education, Education, Education!

It’s fine to just come and watch a show but I can also talk to your group about various topics included in Key Stage 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum.

included in the talk I can give in front of the show are: The Victorians, Entertainment, Seaside Holidays of the Past, Puppets and Puppet Making,

as I have extensive knowledge in these fields. 

I can let the children see up close and handle the puppets. They can also ask questions regarding the topics they are learning about (good to prepare questions before the visit).

I regret I can NOT let groups see inside the theatre due to health and safety.

Show times are usually 12.00 & 2.00 but I would be happy to perform a show at a time to suit your group - please contact me to arrange this in advance!

The music and announcements start 15 minutes before the performance begins. I ask that your group can also arrive 15 minutes prior to the show starting.

It’s always good to make contact with me when you arrive in Weymouth and let me have a contact number, so should I need to, I can reach you during your visit.

The price for school groups who just want to watch the show is just £1 per person (adults & Children).

Of course, I do also visit schools with the show and present the 'Educational session'

The toilets are situated around Beach Control less than five minutes from the show.

There is plenty of beach even when the tide is in which means you can have your lunch without worrying about the tide (many groups watch a performance then have dinner in front of the show).

Dogs are NOT permitted on the section of beach where the Punch & Judy is situated (May - September).

The British weather is unpredictable! So be sure to bring Sun Block, Hats, Water, Waterproofs and a change of clothing!

I am hopeful that I can arrange an undercover venue so if the weather is unkind on the day of your trip, I can still perform a show for you.



Nothing is more educational or inspiring than watching live entertainment or seeing a real working heritage attraction, bringing topics to life and for school groups Weymouth comes up on top!

We are lucky to still have some of the heritage attractions that children are taught about that most other resorts no longer have.  

Visit Weymouth and your group will have a fun filled day with great educational values and a chance to see these attractions that every popular seaside resort once had.

With children not being permitted to have holidays during school time, we really need more schools to visit or the attractions on Weymouth beach may well become a distant memory too! So, take advantage of what we can offer.