"As part of my research on the Punch tradition I've watched most of the best Punch and Judy performers in the world many times;

Professor Poulton is without doubt one of the very best. He is probably the most experienced beach Punchman working today having performed his show literally thousands of times at Weymouth and elsewhere. If you want a taste of the tradition at its most authentic and entertaining, you couldn't do better than watch Mark's show". 

Dr Martin Reeve, Punch and Judy Historian.

Performance Information

A HUGE thank you to Bagwell Farm Touring Park for saving the show by donating a pitch for me to stay in my humble VW Transporter while I'm in Weymouth.

Running the show explained.


Running a Punch & Judy show on the beach is a business and like any other business and is run by me, Prof Mark Poulton. (All Punch showmen are traditionally called “Professors.”)

 I am required to purchase a permit or licence that allows me to operate the show on the beach and employ ‘bottlers’ as they are known, to collect contributions from the audience both on the beach and on the Esplanade.

 I guarantee you will be getting the best show I can give you and, as a performer, I have a full Public Liability Insurance and a music playing license.

 I design, make, paint and sew most things connected with the show including the theatre, the puppets and do all my own signwriting.

How I operate the show.

 “I rely totally on your contributions since, I am not paid to perform the shows on the beach and they help to ensure this 150-year-old tradition in Weymouth continues in future”.

At each performance Mr Punch is confident that you will have enjoyed the show SO much that you’ll be happy to contribute just £1 per person!

Please note: This really is my main source of income.

I am very grateful to local people and visitors on holiday for all your support and generosity, thank you!

  Mr Punch and all the puppet cast hope you have a lovely holiday and trust you will enjoy joining in and watching the show as much as I enjoy performing it!


That’s the WEY to do it!!

Performance information will appear here regarding the 2021 summer season.