Like many other people, Covid has meant they can’t work due to restrictions etc.

So today (Monday August 31st), is the launch a Crowdfunding page to help with lost income due to Covid-19 and secure the future of the show and my business.

I’ve been turned down by many of the places I’ve applied too, so this is my last hope.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m not local to Weymouth and live in a van when working away from home (Paignton). Away from the season, I make new puppets for the summer, repair and redress the ones in current use, make new props, traditionally paint new (and repaint) signs - all for the show and all unpaid.

Last year the good folks at Bagwell Farm Touring site stepped in and saved the show by donating a pitch for my van, to whom I’m very grateful.

The crowdfunding page is to cover some of the income lost - I’ve lost ALL my work and still need to pay the mortgage and bills which are obviously more than the Universal Credit I’m currently receiving.

During the summer I’m busy on the beach and have lots of people around, so a very social time. Sadly I’ve not had that this year along with the ‘buzz’ I get from performing a live show and of course no income. This has had an impact on my mental health too. So much so, my Dr has said I’m not fit enough to work due to depression brought on by the Covid situation.

If I can reach the target of £5000 there is a chance of match funding. If you can't donate, you can support the show by simply sharing the link - it all help.

I do hope you can support and share.

I hate asking you all again but after being turned down by charities already applied too, I can’t think of any other way.

Sorry its not a positive post but I’m sure with your help we can make it positive.

Thank you in advance.


Click the pic to go to the Crowdfunding page