Beach Performances  -  Summer Season 2017

Sadly, I've had to shorten the summer season slightly due to the beach being so quiet during early season.

There maybe odd days I set up the small show and 'give it a go'.

Details will be posted on our FaceBook page.

The 2017 summer season will start on Saturday JULY 15th and will run to early September.

Show times are at 12 noon and 2.00pm (Sometimes during the school holidays I try to do a 3.30 show too - but this is optional)!

Thirty minutes of LIVE entertainment and the cost is still only £1 for adults & children.


Times may vary from day to day, so please check the time board on the day or please feel free to phone me to check times if you are make a special trip to catch a show (07974 732352)

ALL shows are weather & people permitting. (Weather permitting includes the WIND)!!


There are no evening shows planned for this year.

"As part of my research on the Punch tradition I've watched most of the best Punch and Judy performers in the world many times;

Professor Poulton is without doubt one of the very best. He is probably the most experienced beach Punchman working today having performed his show literally thousands of times at Weymouth and elsewhere. If you want a taste of the tradition at its most authentic and entertaining, you couldn't do better than watch Mark's show". 

Dr Martin Reeve, Punch and Judy Historian.


Running the show explained.

ONLY available at the show.

Meet Mr Punch and have your photo taken with him.

T-Shirts printed to order (ALL sizes available).

Mugs, Keyrings & Fridge magnets, Badges,

Postcards, colouring Posters, Make your own Theatres, Stickers,


(Sorry no mail order).

Running a Punch & Judy show on the beach is a business and like any other business on the beach/seafront I have pay for a license. My license allows me to operate the show on the beach and my collectors (or ‘bottlers’ as they are known) to collect contributions from the audience both on the beach and esplanade.

This is how the shows have existed since the 1880’s. (I always joke - with the same collector)!

When a performer is basically ‘busking’ for a living, you can guarantee you will be getting the best show they can give as every penny is needed! I ask adults and children for £1 contribution, which I think is great value for a live 20-30 minute performance.

Of course nowadays it’s not just a license from the council that is required. Among other things I have to also pay for Public Liability Cover, Music playing license, CRB check etc.

Weymouth is one of the VERY LAST seaside resorts to have a professionally operated Punch & Judy show operating on it’s beach.

I am NOT paid or funded to perform the show but rely on YOUR honesty and appreciation in the form of your contributions to keep the show going and make a living.

I design, make, paint and sew most things connected with the show (the theatre, puppets, signs etc). While I am doing all the ‘making’ there is NO income being made.

I must add that the Weymouth Punch & Judy show has the support of Weymouth & Portland Borough Council, local people and holiday makers alike, to whom I am very grateful.

So, when watching the show, please think of the ‘behind the scenes’ work that is involved. The show and puppets don’t just rise up from the sand each year, I work hard over the winter making and repairing things.          

I hope you enjoy watching the show as much as I enjoy performing it.

If you do, why not fold a donation up and drop it in the box?


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